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Security and Privacy Policies

Security & Privacy Policies

Security and privacy go hand-in-hand. A company that provides strong security doesn't protect you well if they share your information freely, and a company that respects your privacy can't protect it without strong security. We work to provide strong security while moving and storing information you entrust to us, and show our respect to you by keeping that information private. Here, we will detail what information we store and what we do to protect it, as well as the limited sharing we do.


Your information needs to be protected both in transit (moving across networks) and when at rest (stored).

To protect data moving between you and us or between our servers, we use 2048-bit encryption with Class 3 Extended Validation SSL Certificate. This certificate is not only one of the strongest available for encryption, qualifying for it required us to complete strict business authentication process.

When storing and processing data, we add additional encryption processes for sensitive information. Our backups add further encryption, and your information is never backed up to cloud services to minimize risks of compromise.

Data encryption is only part of the answer to protecting your information, though. The other critical part of information security is making sure the software that handles that data is protected from compromise. We have strict internal security policies and practices when developing our software. All code goes through a review process before being placed in use, access to code is strictly limited, all software patches are kept up-to-date and our website is scanned daily by two separate vulnerability scan services.

Privacy is the other important piece of information security. We appreciate your trust, and will honor the trust you place in us by strictly limiting how we share your information. Please read our FAQs below for a detailed discussion.
  • What kinds of information do I share?

    The information we get from your visit depends on how you use our website and what activities you perform.

    • Browsing our site, using our live chat feature:
      • We create a cookie on your computer to help us carry information (such as your cart) from page to page.
      • We note what website referred you to us (if applicable).
      • We collect your IP address to measure website traffic and help provide a relevant shopping experience.
      • We keep track of pages you have visited to try to learn how we can better design our site to keep it easy to use.
      • If chatting, you have the option to share your name and email address with us.
    • Making a purchase, subscribing, creating an account and other forms:
      • In addition to the information from browsing our site, we collect the information you submit via the form.
  • How do you use my information?
    • We do:
      • Use your personal and account information to fulfill your request, such as completing your order, creating your account, etc.
      • Use your email address and name to communicate offers and newsletters to you with your permission
      • Use aggregated and anonymized information about your use of our site to try to improve searches, navigation and other use features
      • Review live chat history to ensure we are providing the best service possible
      • If legally obligated, use your information to comply with law enforcement
      • Share limited, non-personal information with third parties to provide additional features and to help us understand how you use our site (see third party use FAQ)
    • We do not:
      • Sell, lease, trade, or give out in any form your personal information to other companies for their use (see third party use FAQ)
      • Intentionally send you offers or newsletters if you don't want us to
  • What information is shared with third parties?

    During your visit, you may share limited anonymized information with third parties. This information generally consists of the same information shared when browsing our site (see type of information shared FAQ).

    The information shared with third parties is done to provide additional services on our website, such as:

    • Google and other trust badges
    • Facebook, Google+ and other social network features
    • Statistics and information that helps us understand how our site is used and how we can improve it
  • How can I correct inaccurate information?

    You may correct some personal and account information maintained in your Account through your Account.

  • How can I limit the information I share?

    To limit the information you share with us, you have a couple of options. First, if you disable cookies for our site, you will be able to browse our website for information, but will not be able to place an order on the website. If you still wish to order, but want to keep that information from being placed and/or stored on our website, please contact us by phone. At this time, information exchanged via phone is kept on our internal servers only.

    To limit information shared with third parties:

    • Google: Users may review and/or opt out of Google's use of cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page.
    • Facebook: Review Facebook’s privacy policy and find opt-out details on Facebook’s privacy policy page.
    • Visit the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance’s ad choices page to review options.
    • You may configure your browser security to block all third party cookies. Your IP address will generally still be available to the third parties, but further details about your usage will be difficult to collect. If you wish to use our site, but block one or more third parties completely, and have a website account with us, we may be able to, at our discretion, block specific third party features while you are logged in with your account.
  • Do you collect information on individuals under the age of 13?

    While our website is geared to a general audience, we do not knowingly collect information from individuals under the age of 13.